How to purchase NOAHCOIN and Price of Presale

How to purchase NOAHCOIN and Price of Presale



NOAH COIN is going to be released on June 12, 2018 which is the Philippines Republic Day after the presale period a total of four times over four presale periods.



Release schedule of NOAHCOIN's Presale

Date Issuing amount 1 NOAH Region of sale
1st presale 11/01/2017 - 19/03/2017 2.311 billion NOAH 1 USD Japan
The Philippines
2nd presale 03/04/2017 - 16/06/2017 5.585 billion NOAH 1.14 USD Japan
The Philippines
3rd presale 24/07/2017 - 01/10/2017 11.188 billion NOAH 1.18 USD China
4th presale 11/12/2017 - 30/04/2018 24.116 billion NOAH 1.22 USD The world
Open to public 12/06/2018
iThe Philippines Republic Dayj
| | The world

* The minimum purchase price is 1,000 USD.


* 43.2 billion NOAH will be issued out of a total of 216 billion during the presale period. This and the remaining 172.8 billion NOAH is set with a POS (Ethereum) compound dividend of 20% for the first year, 17.20% for the second year and 14.79% for the third year as well as setting the dividend rate at 0.86 every year.
i Click here for annual percentage rate simulation j


* The price is planned to be raised by 22% (1.22 times the current) during the presale period by the fourth quarter.



Typically, virtual currency has a tendency of rising in value greatly after becoming available to the public, by attaining as many coins as possible during the presale period, the rise in value might be estimated to be at least several times.



Also, this is a virtual currency issued as a big project, so the price will not change that much during each presale period, however, depending on how well it does with Filipinos over time and deposit interest system (You get 20% interest in the first year and will continue to be getten interest for 40 years.) , it sounds as though by just having them will increase your asset value even after they are released to public.



* Price trend of major encryption currencies
BitcoinF 1 million times over four years from 2009
EthereumF 60 times over 10 months from release
MoneroF 24 times over nine months from release
FactomF 17 times over five months from release
AugurF 20 times over one and a half years from release
nemF 30 times over half a year from release



How to purchase NOAHCOIN

To purchase virtual currency during the presale periods, youfll need to get the distributor's presale code as they are directly associated with the development and operation foundation.



Our site is a directly affiliated distributor [primary agent], so please preorder coins below if you would like to purchase them during the presale periods.



* You can also purchase it from the official website.
i Click here for official website j


* If you make a temporary registration with a mobile's email address, you can't receive an e-mail for registration. Please use email address of the personal computer.







Filipino project attracting attention by ultra wealthy people

Click here for official website of NOAH PROJECT




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