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The Philippines uses native English as an official language, so one out of eight people work outside the Philippines as migrant workers.



These people earn foreign currency overseas which represents about 10% of the GDP of the Philippines, a considerable amount of this money is transferred back home equating to about 25 billion USD (preliminary calculation by the Central Bank of the Philippines) every year.
(* This only includes foreign currency transferred through the bank.)



Also, the amount of sending is said to be increasing by about 1.5 billion USD every year.




However, only about 30% of people have bank accounts in the Philippines currently, so it canft be said that the money transferring system is robust yet, although they can use remittance companies like eWestern Unionf to transfer money, unfortunately they have to pay fees to the company of about 10 to 12%.



The foreign currency remittance to the Philippines via International money transfer every year is approximately about 30 billion USD, and among those transfers, fees of 3.5 billion USD is taken before sending and this fee is increasing every year.




For those reasons, in order for Filipinos to hold onto the sending fees that they have been paying out, an organization called eNOAH PROJECTf was established.


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The purpose of the eNOAH PROJECTf is to spread eNOAH COINf which is built with a technology called eBlockchainf that is said to be beyond recent Internet technology throughout the Philippines, so they can realize cost cuts in the money transferring and processing fees, reduce the number of days it takes to transfer as well as prevent fraudulent use of personal information by anonymous and dishonest use.



The purchasing of eNOAH COINf is planned to start from Republic Day on the 12 of June, 2018.



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The penetration rate of smartphones is 107% of the population ratio (surveyed by the International Telecommunication Union in 2013), as the average age is only 23 years old, the Philippines is very familiar with IT hence the Facebook utilization rate is 93.5% or more, so the cryptocurrency eNOAH COINf demand is very high and in a good environment as itfs easy to use considering its convenience and operability.



Furthermore, it goes without saying that the needs of virtual currency for peoplefs consumption activity will increase as the demographic bonus lasts most in Asia and they have an environment where the youth can look after the elderly enough and create a powerful economy that can continue into the future.




At the same time, seeing eNOAH COINf itself as a single entity, it is a project where all the capital will be invested into three places: the cryptocurrency development fund, advertisements/promotions and infrastructure equipment, because of the high interest returns (You get 20% interest in the first year and will continue to be getten interest for 40 years.) just like bank savings from just having an account, so the investment value to the currency is immeasurable.



1. Cryptocurrency development fund


With the support of the major banks for a cryptocurrency distribution system, it differs to the existing virtual currency Bitcoin as a yearly accrual is offered as an incentive.


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2. Advertisements/Promotions


This will be promoted largely through TV shows like eABC-CBNf and large scale street advertisements to set up the coin system as a part of the infrastructure.


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3. Infrastructure equipment


The development of eETON CITYf as the second city after eBonifacio Global Cityf (BGC) is underway and it is located about 40 to 50 minutes away from BGC using car.



eETON CITYf is owned by Philippines Airlines which used it as an American military base before, and it seems that one of the section is called eNOAHCITYf.



The special administrative region of eNOAH CITYf in the Philippines is going to be created with facilities and shops all capable of using the eNOAH COINf system.


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Big project of Philippines virtual currency

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