Activity content of NOAHPROJECT

Activity content of NOAHPROJECT


Whole picture of NOAH PROJECT

1. The development of cryptocurrency

[1] System development beyond Bitcoin
[2] Development of electric wallet for NOAH COIN
[3] Development of a cooperative trading system with each currency


2. Advertisements/Promotions

[1] Promotion utilized TVCM
[2] Promotion utilizing the Internet
[3] Promotion utilizing street advertisements
[4] Promotion utilizing advertisements inside aircrafts


3. Infrastructure improvement

[1] Issuing prepaid cards for NOAH COIN
[2] Install at exchanges all over the world
[3] Equip ATMs all over the world
[4] Development of NOAH CITY
E2017: Start developing eAmusement Facilityf
E2019: Start developing eCommercial Stripf
E2020: Start building hotel & casino




PDThe development of cryptocurrency

PDSystem development beyond Bitcoin


NOAH COIN is equipped with functions that are almost the same as Bitcoin and Ethereum.



Also, weak points of the basic key cryptocurrency eBitcoinf are strengthened and all parts of all problems are solved and cleared.


i Click here for a comparison between Acoin and Bitcoin j



QDDevelopment of electric wallet for NOAH COIN


A WEB wallet specializing in NOAH COIN will be developed and completely supported with iOS, Android and AppleWatch.



Also, it will be possible to exchange funds with the major virtual currencies (BTC, ETH, ETC, XRP, DOG, etc.) and it is planned that it can be used for regular billings such as power bills, etc.



RDDevelopment of a cooperative trading system with each currency


Cooperation with online banking including legal tender such as American dollars, the euro, Japanese yen and other cryptocurrencies all around the world is in progress.



Hereinafter, our own unique API will also be released, which will make ea third party applicationf that makes trading possible via the internet from various currencies.





PDPromotion utilized TVCM


CM will be on TV and radio through the biggest media in the Philippines, eABC-CBNf.



QDPromotion utilizing the Internet


Marketing will be developed through Internet advertising such as Google AdWords, Facebook ads.



There are a lot of the young people in the Philippines especially, so the penetration rate on smartphones and facebook use will be so high that the effect of advertising is estimated to be very big.



RDPromotion utilizing street advertisements


Advertisements promoting the eNOAH PROJECTf will be put up on all street advertisement boards from Makati to NOAHCITY for 25 miles.



Also, advertisements will be fully made use of along the eNAIA Expresswayf (the highway between Makati and Manila) opened in 2016 as well.



SDPromotion utilizing advertisements inside aircrafts


With the full cooperation of the Philippine Airlines, the promotion video of the eNOAH PROJECTf will be advertised.



As it is an island just like Japan, the effect of advertising and promoting can be big.




RDInfrastructure improvement

PDIssuing prepaid cards for NOAH COIN


This offers to make prepaid cards to top up with NOAH COIN and withdraw cash out at facilities and shops where VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay are available.



QDInstall at exchanges all over the world

Exchanges all around the world will be available and it will be able to be withdrawn from smartphones 24 hours a day 365 days a year.



RDEquip ATMs all over the world

NOAH COIN will be available at ATMs all over the world cooperating with banks and financial institutions.



Of course, NOAH COIN can be exchanged into legal tender such as the dollar, yen, peso, uro, yuan.



SDDevelopment of NOAH CITY


eNOAH CITYf is going to be developed on a 40 hectare property located at ETONCITY about 30 minutes by car from Makati, in central Manila.



This town is designed to be at the same level as the largest advanced town in the Philippines, eBonifacio Global Cityf with amusement facilities, a shopping mall, hotels plus a casino built by a number of tycoons and major companies, and NOAH COIN will be able to be used everywhere in the town for paying bills, shopping, playing at the casino and real estate purchases.



2017F Start developing eAmusement Facilityf
2019F Start developing eCommercial Stripf
2020F Start building hotel & casino



This is a large development area owned by Philippines Airlines.


* BGCiBonifacio Global Cityj
This is in the process of being developed into a business town and exclusive residential district and there will be upmarket cafes, restaurants, exclusive residences and high rise office buildings for major companies all lined up.
Itfll be a city in the Manila metropolitan area at the forefront where growth and development are expected.




Big project of Philippines virtual currency

Click here to buy eNOAH COINf





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