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Support company

Operational support
Support Company Lauren Plus Hong Kong
Address CIB/11F, 48Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, H.K.

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Capital Stock HK$500,000
Payment Method Bank Transfer




Privacy Policy


This website ( conforms to the privacy policy and pays particular attention to handling users personal information.



Personal Information Protection Policy

We set, enforce, maintain and revise the following personal information protection policy to handle users’ personally-identifiable information (hereinafter referred as "personal information") that we collect in the process of our business activities.



1. We comply to laws and regulations and official disciplines on handling personal information.


2. We will define the purpose of collecting personal information to the full extent possible, and will use personal information only for the purpose, lawfully and truthfully.


3. We will closely manage collected personal information and will take appropriate safety measures to prevent unauthorized access to, loss of, corruption of, defacement of and leakage of personal information.


4. We will review the system and structures to manage the collected personal information periodically and put efforts to revise and improve the system and structures.


5. In principle, we will not disclosure the personal information provided from users to third parties except in the following cases:


● When users agree.
● When disclosing personal information to companies which we already have confidentiality agreements with, but limited to the range that is required for business operation.
● For other reasons which we determine as lawfully and truthfully.













1. お客様のご注文・お支払いなどは提携店・企業とお取引いただくことになります。


2. 価格、消費税、送料、在庫、販売者(特定商取引に関する法律に基づく表記について)、お支払、注文、商品配送、商品購入の詳細などについては、リンク先の提携店・企業情報をご覧ください。


3. 掲載情報をご利用いただく場合、お客様の責任においてご利用いただきますようお願いいたします。当サイトでは、一切の責任を負いかねますので、ご容赦ください。


4. 当サイトでもお問い合わせの受付をさせていただいておりますが、商品販売に関する情報についてはお答えできない場合がございますのでご了承ください。




Declaration Pursuant to Act on Specified Commercial Transactions


We form business partnerships with merchandise and service providers and offer reliable merchandise and services via “advertisement programs” which provide merchandise and services.



Because the purchasing and payment transactions for such merchandises and services are direct transactions between users and the providers, please refer the linked website of each shop or company for the declaration pursuant to act on specified commercial transactions.




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